The Blueprint for Development

"Karma Ksana Community" is not an entity but an abstract concept that is independent of any platform or software. Anyone who participates in wants to improve or provides assistance and advice to the community is part of that community.

At the foundation of the blueprint, three pillars support the community's operation and ensure its development:

  1. DAO system : The basis of the community's operation, with which we realize the idea of ​​decentralization. For details, see: DAO.
  2. DeFi economy : The community's economic system, including the NFTfi, NFT Rental System, Staking and Bonus System, determines the distribution method of the community profits. For details, see: Tokenomics ($KMK).
  3. Membership system : The membership system can help the community manage members, identify contributions, and support technologies, such as SSO (Single Sign Om), to help the community connect with other projects and more considerable application development in the future. For details, see: Membership System.

In the middle of the blueprint is the long-term goal of the community, and we will gradually improve the community's competitiveness: The community's long-term plan is to create a "Karma Space," which aims to become a gathering place for the significant projects communities. We use the forum and guide as the foundation to create a natural flow and use the metaverse inspection mode as a supplement to solve marketing difficulties and promote blockchain knowledge to more people. For details, see: Karma Space.

  1. Guide : Establish complete blockchain knowledge teaching, create a high-flow informative website, and lay the foundation for future forum development. Link:
  2. Blockchain forum : It is designed to facilitate the direct exchange of information between users. It accumulates a large amount of content to increase marketing capabilities; and forms an objective position to help more people understand the blockchain field.

At the upper level of the blueprint is the application development of blockchain technology, which will implement the idea of ​​the correct application of blockchain, develop various products and cooperate with other projects:

  1. Karma Genesis : It is Karma Ksana's first product, and the goal is to develop a blockchain game. We will create the game in stages, starting from the staking in the early stage and constantly polishing and improving the gaming experience. For details, see: Karma Genesis.
  2. New Projects : The blockchain market is changing rapidly, so we will retain enough flexibility to respond to changes and be ready for new product development at any time.
  3. Third Party (top right): As Karma Space matures, all blockchain community could be our potential customers. We will actively create cooperation opportunities to stabilize Karma Ksana's market position further.

Karma Ksana hopes to build a long-term community that needs more rigorous underlying planning, including regularizing information on membership cards, security design, SSO design, and multi-language design. We appreciate your patience and promise that we will develop high-quality products!

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