Game Metaverse

Karma Ksana will start with creating a Game Metaverse. In the now-burgeoning gaming industry, we are confident that we can take blockchain gaming to the next generation by combining blockchain technology with our understanding of traditional gaming. This approach allows us to solve issues in both gaming sectors at the same time.

To achieve this, we need to use blockchain technology appropriately to tackle several major problems in mainstream gaming and blockchain gaming:

  • In traditional games, developers abuse their position by not disclosing gacha rates.
  • Traditional gaming assets cannot maintain their value, which reduces the willingness of players to invest in the game.
  • Blockchain game developers issue coins at random, thereby twisting the concept of "play to earn" (P2E) into a Ponzi scheme.
  • In order to build up hype, developers give unreasonable advantages to early players. This discourages potential newcomers from joining the game.
  • Developers continue to release NFTs of no practical value, thus creating a strange scenario where hype is built up for useless NFTs.


We believe the current gaming industry is in dire need of novel ideas such as merging mainstream gameplay with the decentralization of blockchain games. This would be conducive to properly developing and operating the Game Metaverse. In this regard, the Karma Ksana team is confident in becoming a pioneer in the next generation of gameplay.

We will hold fast to our concept of using blockchain technology correctly in terms of ethics, utility, and our long-term vision to create a genuine P2E gaming experience. We will also create new layouts for blockchain games amidst this turbulent market. As we continually develop new projects to maintain the value of player assets, we will design NFT-related in-game items and reflect on issues related to a given game's sustainable value and extended offline time. These measures will be factored in to create the Karma Ksana Game Metaverse

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