Reinventing Blockchain Games

The Karma Ksana team wholeheartedly hopes to mitigate the aforementioned issues by promoting and implementing the most suitable ideas. This will not only be conducive towards integrating games with blockchains, but also combine the strengths of both fields to create better ways to play. We also firmly believe that our team will both influence and generate massive profits for the community.

To achieve this, we aim to improve the market with the following measures:

  • Focus on gameplay and build a reasonable P2E model: We plan to attract new players with our gameplay instead of forcing newcomers to buy in-game NFTs. We hope to create an environment that revolves around players rather than speculators. We also plan to promote the concept of P2E. This isn't about getting rich from playing the game, but rather sustaining the value of the player's assets so that those who have invested in the game will not suffer severe losses when they choose to quit playing. It's about giving those who are willing to play for the long run an opportunity to potentially make a profit.
  • Build an extended withdraw system for the Game Metaverse and provide utility NFTs for players to sustain the value of their assets: Multiple transfers in between games and an extended withdraw guarantee allow NFTs to hold real value. An extended withdraw system protects players from large losses when a single game declines. This greatly extends the value of player-owned assets and increases the willingness of players to invest in a game. Increased investments will allow the secondary market to thrive and bring long-term profits to the community.
  • Integrate real-world commercial applications and expand our player base: We plan to create long-term commercial applications in the initial stages of development through offline collaborations such as using geolocation or barcode scanning in certain establishments. This will allow the community to work with real-world businesses. Bringing virtual assets into the real world can both expand our target player base and boost the business potential of the community.
  • Balance advantages given to veteran players and newcomers and reduce market speculation: Instead of issuing game tokens, we will reward players with utility NFTs to mitigate market speculation. The game's design will not overly favor early players. Reset and balance mechanisms will give all players a fair advantage.\

  • Publicize all essential details and manifest the value of decentralization through blockchain technology: The use of NFTs will deprive developers of the chance to manipulate in-game mechanics such as RNG algorithms, drop rates, and gacha pull rates. In addition, in line with decentralized community management, all essential information such as our finances, project developments, and future plans will be publicly disclosed. This will allow all players to participate in and improve the game community together.

The Karma Ksana team believes that an accurate understanding of blockchain technology and its uses will usher in a new era in the gaming industry where games will be led by players instead of developers alone. Our priorities to enhance the gaming experience and reduce the involvement of speculators are expected to become the core of the future market. We are confident that we will become a trailblazer in the next generation games.

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