Marketing Strategies

📌 Main marketing channels:

  1. Content marketing: Assist the public in understanding blockchain knowledge through operating a guide blog. We can significantly increase community exposure with the blog and establish a low-cost and efficient exposure channel. ** Details in Content Marketing.
  2. KOL promotion: We will approach influencers from the private recruitment stage and formulate follow-up marketing and promotion plans.
    • Youtubers: In the early stage, we will mainly work on introducing blockchain and Internet celebrity promotion. After completing the game interface, we will invite game Youtubers to promote it.
    • Twitter Celebrities: Our primary promotion targets are reputable investors and critics on the blockchain.
    • Internet bloggers: Blockchain-related personal bloggers, news media, and discussion platforms will all be the promoting direction.
  3. Advertising exposure: We will base advertisement on audio and video media advertising, blockchain platforms, and the community.
    • Audio and video media advertising: The content, such as conceptual videos, and game screens, will be exposed to dominant audio and video platforms.
    • Blockchain platforms: The content, such as DeFi promotion, and NFT sales, will be exposed to leading blockchain trading and query platforms.
    • Social Media: The content, such as posts and community activities, will be exposed to major social media.
  4. Business alliances: In the relatively mature stage of community development, we will set up many partnerships with other business systems to strive for news exposure, mutual diversion, and establish community authority.
  5. Membership Rewards: The membership reward system should focus on long-term activities and contribution accumulation to increase the members' willingness to participate in the community. Details in Membership System.
  6. Self-governing participation: After we realize decentralized management, members can influence the project, which will generate a sense of identity and loyalty. Therefore, they will become fans and promote the community. Details in Decentralized Community.

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