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Karma Ksana will operate a guide website for blockchain newcomers. The website is not only for promoting blockchain knowledge but is also for establishing long-term natural flow sources and greatly enhancing the authority of the community in the field.

The current blockchain knowledge is mainly disseminated through news media, trading platforms, and personal blogs. There is a lack of comprehensive and structured knowledge websites, and most of the project perspectives and first-hand market information are only transmitted through the projects' community. It has strong exclusivity and might lead to fraud due to poor communication. It will limit the development of all projects as well.

We want to solve this phenomenon and use this opportunity to expose the Karma Ksana community simultaneously. The first step will be creating a guide website with complete structural knowledge to provide newcomers with macro and correct blockchain knowledge. With our team's excellent search engine optimization skills (SEO), we can establish long-term effective and low-cost exposure channels.

Using this website as a base, we will enhance the authority of the Karma Ksana community in the blockchain field. We are confident that it will eventually develop into an online forum, from basic content construction to information integration and reporting of significant projects. In this forum, investors can communicate with each other directly. We can also accelerate the speed of information dissemination in the blockchain market and, therefore, solve the problem of information asymmetry.

This strategy provides many benefits:

  • For investors: It will be a platform where they can gain objective information so that it will be difficult for developers to conceal information or manipulate popularity. It is undoubtedly a step closer to fairness and openness.
  • For developers who are operating with a conscience: It will be an extraordinary channel to increase exposure, effectively publicize their ideas, reach out to users who are unfamiliar with social platforms, and get more powerful influence.
  • For Karma Ksana community: It will not only attain our goal, but it will also bring a good reputation and benefits, paving the way for the community's future!

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