Membership system

Karma Ksana is going to develop an exclusive membership system. We will reward members who have contributed to the community with Member Points so that we can explore more possibilities in addition to Discord. With the membership system, we can improve and solve the following problems:

Reasonably evaluate members' contributions and give corresponding rewards:

With the member point system, what we do, such as sharing community information, and assisting the community in creating, will all be quantified as member points. It will help us objectively reward community members. You can get a "whitelist" through 4000 member points in Karma Ksana.

Integrate community platforms to strengthen marketing:

The membership system makes community marketing campaigns no longer limited to a single platform and can simultaneously integrate social media, like Discord, Twitter, and Facebook, allowing members to assist in different aspects. By doing so, we can drastically increase the visibility and influence of the community.

Develop long-term community activities to enhance members' sense of identity:

All activities that members participate in will be recorded through the membership system. Karma Ksana can understand what the community members think and reward members with cohesion and contributions to the community. Meanwhile, the membership system will also strengthen members' status in the community and create cohesion.

Reduce robot problems:

Membership cards can significantly reduce the unfair problems caused by robots, such as rewards taken away by free accounts and minting affected by programs.

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