Decentralized Gaming Environment

Karma Genesis will create a new type of gaming environment. Unlike buyout, reward cards, monthly subscription, and in-app purchase games, we focus on using the traits of NFT and blockchain and strive to create a brand new game development and gaming mindset.

The grand setting of Karma Genesis provides the basis for various game development. Players only need to hold relevant NFTs to play, and they can easily buy, sell, transfer and rent these NFTs. With this mindset, NFT is not simply an item in the asset-based games, but a ticket to experience the entire Karma Genesis ecosystem. Its value includes:

  • Experience qualifications.
  • The expected revenue generated by rental.
  • The right to apply development modules.

In addition, the NFT’s scarcity and collectible value are also the keys that affect its price. These are new ideas that people have not come up with while developing traditional games.

Meanwhile, we will largely transfer the game's profits to the player community. Without the exploitation of most middlemen, the distribution of game value and profits will be healthier. The cost of playing will also be greatly reduced, so that players can truly possess the "game assets."

We will shift the core of game development from creating profits with service capital to gathering players' awareness, jointly developing and producing games more purely and simply for players. Completing the creator community is not just the key to long-term development and remarkable progress of a decentralized mindset, but also the vision Karma Ksana is working on!

In addition, we are also working on solutions to problems, such as game piracy and cracked versions. Blockchain technology makes it almost impossible to make external cracked versions, which greatly improves the game ecology. Through the transparent and asset-based traits of NFT, it will enhance the trust relationship between players and developers. This series of reforms are the process of achieving the goal of Karma Genesis!

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