Advantages of Not Issuing Gaming Coins

Gaming coins are one of the characteristics of current blockchain games since they are unified units, and players can use them to evaluate the effect of PTE. It seems reasonable, but there are actually two severe drawbacks of gaming coins:

  1. Gaming coins are specific: </mark>** It is not easy to transfer and balance gaming coins between multiple games. Even if players can do that, it will cause another problem. Players will compare which gaming coins are more accessible to them, eventually leading to a player imbalance between games. Most players are actually not fond of this system, which is clearly designed with the rules of PTE, and the most common thought is, "Players are no longer playing games, but being played by games."
  2. Gaming coins are not ideal for long-term development: When players can directly measure the game's output, it would continuously dilute the community's value. The underlying reason is that the consumption system of any game cannot keep up with the supply system, which will inevitably lead to a long-term bearish trend of gaming coins. This situation will directly affect the products and the coins issued by the community, leaving the developer floundering in the long run.

Instead of issuing gaming coins, we replace them with NFT rewards, and it has several advantages:

  • The value of PTE is less affected by market fluctuations: When we use NFTs as rewards, they will be separated from the fluctuations of the mainstream virtual currency market, making our game rewards more resistant to market shocks.
  • Return income from the secondary market: Creating gaming coins has no value to the developers themselves and is a negative value in the long run. However, NFTs are different. The hotter the secondary market is, the more revenue these transactions will generate.
  • Reduced players' resentment: Traditional gamers have less resentment when we don't issue game tokens, which is perfect for breaking into a larger gaming community.
  • Longer-term support mechanism: The ownership and use rights of NFTs will be the key to our development system. We must use these core attributes to create a new ecosystem for game development.

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