Development Stages and Goals

There are three main stages of Karma Genesis' development:

Stage-1: NFT completion, Play-to-Earn (PTE) games:

The primary goal of the first stage is to complete and release NFT to the market, and to achieve fairness and fun through playing games. There are apparent PTE elements in the games at this stage. The core concept is the design of a circular economy, which is suitable to play from the investment perspective. For the detailed mechanism explanation. For details, see : Stage-1 Game Mechanism.

Stage-2: Serial games development, modeling, and basic creation on mainstream development software:

In the second stage, we are looking for the opportunity to work with potential studios and independent teams that could assist Karma Ksana in the creation of blockchain games,support Karma Genesis in the wide application of NFT in stage-1 and, at the same time, ensure that our development model not only conforms to microservice applications but also directly contributes to the game ecology.

Return to the game itself, sparking the greatest interest among players.

Stage-3: More series games, NFT rental, creator development environment:

In addition to the continuous development of games, the primary goal of the third stage is to complete the core system of NFT, especially the leasing function, which is the main way to benefit from NFTs. In addition, we will establish rules and methods to support players' independent use of NFT development in this stage and create a gaming development environment for creators to use NFT modules, so that we can tremendously expand the range of NFT use.

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