Karma Genesis NFT

Karma Genesis uses NFT technology and related applications in the blockchain to design and develop all of our NFTs in a completely decentralized way. Therefore, our NFTs can not only meet the subsequent application needs in the game ecosystem, but also solve many difficult problems of traditional games:

Players' doubts about the game odds:

Many online games have this problem. Since the developers control the odds, players tend to question data problems and doubt the game developers. However, we can perfectly solve this problem with NFT technology. Because of the transparency of the issuance quantity, time, holding status, and transfer status of NFT, we can fundamentally eliminate the possibility of fraud.

The problem of transferring assets:

Once a traditional game is over, the time and money the players invest can hardly be retrieved, increasing pressure on players before consumption. However, NFT technology allows players to manage their assets by themselves, and the developed secondary market transactions can deal with this problem. If players do not want to play the game anymore, they can sell the NFT they hold, which is convenient and efficient.

The problem of sustainable asset value:

Every game has a life cycle, which can be an unpleasant experience for players who join late. With blockchain technology, players are able to hold tangible NFT assets, which can not only be reused in multiple games, but also provide players with benefits, such as renting and other functions. This way, the asset will hold sustainable value, an advantage traditional games cannot offer.

Model of the developer ecosystem:

The current game development must cost a lot of money. Large institutions control many development resources, so there are only limited good open sources. NFT can be a stepping stone to sharing game development resources. Its core features create a direct communication system between players and developers, making the game more pure and simple.

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