Energy Cube NFT

The origin of the energy cube is still a mystery. However, its tremendous energy has a fatal attraction to human beings and has a subtle but profound impact on human history and future development.

In the game's first stage, the energy cube is an essential element in forming a team and the key to entering a battlefield. The higher the rarity, the more trait bonuses an energy cube can provide to the team, which can significantly increase the staking rewards.

  • Rarity: The most important factor that determines the team's potential. The higher the rarity of the energy cube, the more types of team trait bonuses each team can get.
  • Energy attributes: The first-level traits are the five major energies in the game, namely thermal energy, electrical energy, radiation, light energy, and gravity.
  • Main Factions: The second-level traits are the main factions in the game.
  • Containment Orientation: The third-level traits are the main characteristics in the game.
  • Genesis Cube: A special Genesis cube whose rarity reaches the mythological level. In addition to the trait "Genesis," a genesis cube also has one more containment orientation than an ordinary cube. In other words, an ordinary cube only possesses a single orientation trait while a Genesis cube possesses two. Players can only obtain Genesis cubes through the official sales channel. A Genesis cube NFT has various top-level utilities, including $KMK token airdrops and the priority rights to experience future games.

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