Hero NFT

To resist the invasion of foreign enemies, humans used the energy cube’s power to return to the era of legends and myths, and turned the past gods and monsters into war weapons. Ironically, the current technological development turned out to be the main reason for the decadence of the past.

The design of the hero NFT in Karma Genesis is drawn from mythology and history all over the world. Compelling stories await players to explore. The rarity of the NFT determines the basic ability value of the hero in the game. The game's core will be developing a hero to form a powerful team and obtain higher rewards.

  • Rarity: It determines the basic ability value of a hero. The higher the rarity of the hero, the higher the ability value.
  • Energy attributes: The first-level traits are the five major energies in the game, namely thermal energy, electrical energy, radiation, light energy, and gravity.
  • Main Factions: The second-level traits are the main factions in the game.
  • Containment Orientation: The third-level traits are the main characteristics in the game.

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