Stage-1 Game Mechanism

Karma Genesis: Players need to stake NFTs before playing Karma Genesis.

Character development: ** Comprises levels and ranks. Levels are raised through experience points, which are automatically accumulated when players enter battlefields. Players can raise their ranks by consuming NFT to combine characters, which can significantly improve their character's strength and unlock more NFT appearances. There are also many props in the game that players can use to speed up development efficiency. More detail, see: Game Development Elements.

Forming teams: Having a wide range of strategies is the core of Karma Genesis' gameplay. The elements, including Rubik's Cube, heroes, equipment, and battlefields, make countless combinations possible. Players must think and analyze to form a decent team to achieve higher combat values. More detail, see: Forming Teams.

Entering the battlefields: It is the main channel to get resources. In addition to the battlefields, there are also various time-limited event missions, and special missions cooperated with other developers.

Staking rewards: Players can obtain treasures and game coins through staking battles on the battlefields. They can also choose to reinvest the rewards to strengthen the team and earn higher rewards or to sell the NFT treasures they have won in the secondary market.

Store system: Players can spend game coins in the in-game mall to buy NFT mystery boxes and get a chance to win a secret GRAND prize.

Collection Bonus: Players can unlock more team bonuses and get rewards more efficiently on the battlefields by collecting different NFTs. More detail, see: Collection Achievements.

NFT Trading: ** Players can buy Karma Genesis NFTs from the primary market, like our official website, and secondary markets, like Opensea.

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