Collection Achievements

The collection book is the achievement system in Karma Genesis. Players can not only learn about the background of Karma Genesis, but also exert the team's bonus effect and enhance the profitability of the battlefield by collecting different NFTs and discovering the hidden combinations while playing.

Staking an NFT in Karma Genesis is the opening condition of a collection book. This way, we can prevent players from using transfers to open the collectible feature of multiple accounts, which could lead to unbalanced gameplay. Additionally, it also encourages players to focus on a single account to reduce maintenance costs and avoid problems that may occur when opening multiple accounts. Once players transfer their NFTs, it will affect the activation effect of the collection book.

Another thing that we consider is that we hope the growth of the game's NFT will be a gentle curve, so that players can accumulate higher staking rewards through continuous play, reducing the phenomenon of massive selling and speculation in the market.

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