Game Development Elements

Karma Genesis has three major development elements: level, rank, and game item consumption. Players can strengthen their teams with these elements to conquer more powerful battlefields and obtain higher rewards.

Level Development: A team will start accumulating experience points once they have entered a battlefield. As they level up, they will unlock different abilities, such as energy attribute bonus, faction bonus, containment orientation, and increased number of equipment. In addition, after players unstake, the system will reset their character level to zero to prevent speculative players from transferring NFTs, thereby breaking the balance, such as constantly transferring powerful heroes across multiple wallets.

Rank Development: Burning hero NFTs and improving NFT ranks will not only significantly improve characters’ basic abilities, but also change the appearance of NFTs. This process is irreversible. Players cannot reduce their high-rank heroes to lower rank ones. They will maintain their current ranks regardless of whether they are staked in the game or traded in the secondary market. This rule is an essential part of the Karma Genesis economic cycle and can effectively control the number of NFTs in the game.

Game Item Consumption Development: </mark>** Finally, there are many consumable game items in the game, such as stimpack and items of increasing chances of successful enchantment, that can accelerate leveling up. The flexible application of these game items helps players improve their team's strength faster.

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