NFT Treasure Hunting Experience

Karma Genesis is a staking, developing, and play-to-earn game.

Players need to choose from various elements to form a team suitable for challenges, figure out their favorite strategy, try more challenging battlefields, and get the highest profit. Unlike pure staking income, Karma Genesis will not issue game tokens, but use NFTs as PTE elements.

Players will have multiple ways to obtain NFT rewards in the game. They can not only strengthen the team and increase the income with these NFT treasures, but also sell them to the secondary market to achieve the goal of play-to-earn (PTE).

Another interesting design is that players can obtain most of Karma Genesis' rewards from mystery boxes, which will greatly improve the randomness of the game, satisfy players' expectations, and enhance the feeling of play-to-earn.

In addition, unlike traditional games, the number of all the NFTs, the chance of dropping treasures, and the winning rate of BOSS battles in Karma Genesis will be open and transparent through blockchain technology, allowing players to verify the authenticity of the data, creating a fairer and more transparent gaming environment.

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