Forming Teams

Having a wide range of strategies is the core gameplay experience of Karma Genesis. From cube teaming and hero matching to battlefield selection, there are many elements or traits to consider, such as attributes, faction power, and containment orientation. Various bonuses and mutually reinforcing and counteracting relationships will be the core of trying and discussion. In order to pass various difficult limited battles, players need to form an excellent team to maximize the staking income.

In the first stage of Karma Genesis, players have to form a team with a cube to enter the battlefield. Each team can consist of up to 5 heroes, and every player can simultaneously send up to 5 teams into a battlefield. Players must make good use of their creativity to form the best team from the massive character pool.

Each player will have their own style and enjoy a unique experience with various development systems. They will also feel less sense of operation, be more willing to discuss in the community, analyze and share the motive of different team compositions!

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