The Worldview of Karma Genesis

All kinds of visions have become the norm on earth before the apocalypse. The cloudless sky was mixed with black lightning, and the ground was bursting with time storms anytime, but the green forest was silent as if it was a black hole that absorbed all the sounds.

" The stronger the power, the higher the risk of losing control, and human beings have crossed the line without knowing it... "

The air wafted unknown babble as if the humanoid creatures that had fallen into a deep sleep recalled long-cherished memories.

" The apocalypse is approaching, and no one can escape this doomed ending! " In the near past, Ouroboros, a mysterious organization, brought the imminent apocalypse for all humankind.

The threat of ever-emerging Echo Creatures and postwar frozen corpses lying everywhere seemed like a response to the madman's prophecy!

" Warning! Warning! The energy is overloaded. Please turn off the energy output immediately! "

Can the desperate plan change the inevitable outcome?

The cycle of civilization's destruction has started. Myths, legends, and history, everything is just in a closed loop.

We have launched a destined victorious war against the past. Will the future repeat the same mistake?

The Gods' words are still lingering in the ears, " Can we accomplish the future by burying history? "

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