Echo Creatures

Clusters of inconspicuous sparks began to fall from the sky.

" It is beautiful! "

The sparks descended slowly and stained my collar.

" What...? "

As I lowered my head to check, the sparks instantly covered my chest, arms, and palms and began to spread downwards.

My hands fiddled with my head, where only skin and muscle tissue were left, and slowly lifted it to the sky. Before my sight gradually deteriorated, a vague shape slowly expanded.

Its surface seemed to be covered with layers of solid materials, interspersed with faint alien characters. Its twisted body figure was unlike any creatures I was familiar with. The angles of its elongated limbs were very peculiar, as if someone fiercely screwed them on a piece of flesh…

" Ah! My eyeballs! It must be the judgment from heaven! "

" Why is it so dark? I can't see! "

" Aah! Aah! It hurts!!! "

" me... "

" Help me... "

Since a certain period of human history, a large number of unknown mutated creatures have been appearing in various places to wreak havoc, causing chaos all over the world. Wherever they passed, they left nothing behind but ruins and intense emotions like hatred, fear, and dread. The creatures that seemed to be eager for these emotions were known as Echo Creatures.

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