Transforming our Business Model

When the focus of Karma Space was placed on creating a community gathering place, its business model shifted from B2C to B2B. This is a crucial change that has given us a better sense of direction in an otherwise chaotic market rife with groups providing the same features and services with inconsistent quality. This is also reflected in their community management and marketing tactics.

Many have chosen to focus on competition instead of teaming up for the greater good of the market. Karma Space, however, does not follow suit. Our goal is to enhance the market by working B2B with other projects. This will lead to mutual benefits and business partnerships which, in turn, will raise more awareness about blockchain. Success does not lie in involution and isolation. It is created by expansion and collaboration!

Karma Space has two core profit models:

  1. Providing rental space services to project communities: Karma Space provides an extensive range of community development services that surpasses its counterparts when it comes to marketing, integration, and interaction. This will be of great appeal to project teams. We plan to lay out reasonable rental terms that generate profit for the community without overburdening project communities and teams.
  2. Invest in projects: Karma Space gives us the perfect opportunity to engage in project development. We have ample negotiation funds to allow promising projects to join Karma Space. This is Karma Ksana's primary profit model, similar to how McDonalds operates as a real estate company.

Other streams of revenue for the Karma Ksana community include marketplace transaction fees, low volumes of B2C products, project advertisements, and NFT sales.

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