Market Analysis and Niche

In the current blockchain market, social media remains one of the only sources of information for users to learn about blockchain projects, with Discord being the only go-to platform for discussions. However, social media platforms are not conducive to growing actual communities. While Discord features great chat features, there is no way to save discussions. This makes it difficult for others, including potential newcomers, to retrieve information. Furthermore, server content does not appear in Google search, severely limiting any sort of information dissemination.

Consequently, blockchain has become an exclusive domain seemingly accessible to only those in the know. The only means to retrieve information is to join multiple social media platforms (e.g., Discord, Twitter, Line, Facebook groups, etc.). Even then, the information is often disorganized, outdated, or outright unsafe. These difficult and intimidating entry barriers have kept many from joining the community.

A larger issue at hand is when a project team controls the entire community since it becomes impossible to ensure objectivity. Any available information may only paint the project in a good light, which runs completely counter to blockchain's core principle of decentralization. We believe the correct use of blockchain technology and the proper development of a metaverse centers on three key principles: information decentralization, expanding content reach and influence, and strengthening user ties. What follows are several main challenges in today's metaverse market and our solutions for each:

Marketing - Incompatibility with search engines:

Social media platforms are not designed to increase organic search engine traffic since user-generated content only circulates within a confined group, making it largely inaccessible to non-members. Organic traffic competition is virtually nonexistent between today's project community platforms. This greatly hinders any opportunity for growth. In contrast, as a forum-centric social platform, Karma Space can utilize search engine optimization (SEO) to reach even more potential users and greatly boost community exposure.

Information Organization - A lack of systematic frameworks:

Community content is oftentimes a haphazard mess since there is no systematic organizational framework in place. This makes it difficult for new users to understand the community's core concept, let alone its developments. Forums are different-they can both retain and organize information in a systematic manner that is easy for newcomers to access and digest.

No space for free speech:

Social platform contents are typically controlled by their project team. Censorship, deletion, and bans are commonplace, putting users in an unfair position. Karma Space tackles this issue by placing power in the hands of its users and genuinely implementing the principles of decentralization.

What is the metaverse?

Many visions of the metaverse are unrealistic and lean towards competition, showy displays, and investments, when in reality, there may be very few actual users. Karma Space stands out by being structured around forums. As such, it serves as a grand exchange of information where users all share the same objective: discussion and knowledge sharing. Integrating a viewer mode in the metaverse enhances user ties and immersion. Project teams also have a clearly defined and empowered space to help users gain a deeper sense of community and belonging.

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