Community Relations

Karma Space is foremost a community meeting space. It goes without saying that it is the best Karma Ksana has to offer in community experience. Core functions currently under development will eventually serve as the foundation of Karma Space, such that Karma Space and Karma Ksana serve as complements to each other.

Integrating user system:

We’ve dedicated much time and effort towards developing an independent membership system. As a result, all Karma Ksana services are consolidated into one platform while complex applications have been immensely streamlined. The membership system also supports Single Sign On and API, enabling different projects and services to be rolled into one package. Cross-site and cross-system connections are also made possible with this system.

The extended value of $KMK governance tokens:

Once Karma Space matures, we will offer additional applications for $KMK governance tokens. To investors, this has the potential to bring in extremely profitable opportunities. Many $KMK-related discounts and functions will also be rolled out in the Karma Space marketplace, significantly boosting the token’s practicality.

DAO governance and principle applications:

Karma Ksana's DAO governance is comprehensive and complex. As such, Karma Space must support its many functions that will later be modularized to serve as useable resources for other communities. These uses include fair, off-chain voting systems, reward systems, prize drawing systems, and more. In regard to community management, these functions will undoubtedly lighten the load for project teams as they develop their communities.

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