Our Vision of the Future

A platform to support NFT projects:

The metaverse view of Karma Space will feature a function to convert held NFTs into Karma Space support modules. This will directly empower major projects and expand the influence of the metaverse.

Real-world connections:

Karma Space has the opportunity to team up with traditional merchants through offline business collaborations such as geotagging, scanning merchant barcode, and more. For example, users can use VR or AR technology to interact with the real world in Karma Space. When shopping for clothes, users can try them on without going to a brick-and-mortar store. These concepts will become our future objectives.

Assist with the proper development of blockchain projects:

This is an ambitious vision we have for Karma Space. While we indeed have concerns about the general developmental trend of other existing projects, the current market has proven to be unreceptive to our ideas, at least for now. But from the perspective of creating a platform, there will be opportunities for us to improve and tackle many unreasonable areas in the market.

The most direct example is that Karma Space will never support MLM projects or any similar Ponzi schemes. Although these projects have the potential for short-term development, they give a bad name to long-term markets and stagnate the promotion of blockchain. We will inspect the communities in Karma Space with the highest ethical standards and assist communities that benefit the long-term development of blockchain. In this way, we can realize our vision to implement blockchain technology the right way!

Multipurpose applications:

Karma Space has the opportunity to extend its reach from the world of blockchain into aspects of our daily lives. For instance, a metaverse viewer mode can assist with maintaining cohesion and a team spirit between remote workers. With the support of VR and AR in the future, the possibilities will be even grander.

Karma Space can also be used as a medium for real-life entertainment experiences. Even today, virtual concerts have provided new ways for people to engage with music and art through VR and AR. This application has the potential to transcend real-world barriers and truly bring to life the vision of a global village.

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