Create a user-friendly environment

Decentralization is the heart of Web3. This is even more true for information dissemination and discussions. As such, it is only natural to set up open user-friendly forums.

Karma Ksana regularly publishes high-quality articles and encourages users to engage in info sharing and discussion. Instead of passive receivers, we hope to see users become active contributors working together to generate forum content. Their personal engagement increases their level of participation and sense of belonging. The content they produce also boosts the popularity of the forums, thereby attracting even more people and continuing this virtuous cycle.

Karma Space's second phase will be the creation of a forum website. This includes the integration and expansion of our recently completed membership system. As we research and improve upon existing forum frameworks, we will design a forum structure that is best suited for the metaverse.

When the time comes, we will also encourage Karma Ksana community members to participate in these forums and band together to create a thoroughly user-friendly environment!

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