Materializing a prototype metaverse

Karma Space's ultimate goal is to create a metaverse. After thoroughly enhancing forums and functions, we will develop a metaverse viewer mode. This will give forum contents a virtual form in the metaverse, thereby instilling it with both purpose and functionality.

Imagine a space where every discussion area has a material form that transforms into a venue. Users interact with each other either with customized or NFT avatars. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through a newsfeed, they can use vivid interactive modes to build closer bonds with each other, whether it be traveling to museum exhibits or attending meetings at cafe-style discussion boards.

In this phase, our first objective is to ensure seamless transitions between "classic" mode and "metaverse" mode. We will also develop personal display spaces, private rooms, and many other metaverse functions.

By then, Karma Space will become a gathering place for project communities and a space to experience the world of Web 3.0. As our member base grows, so will the community’s popularity and marketability. We believe this will change the very fabric of today's blockchain market!

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