Decentralized Community (DAO)

Karma Ksana adopts a Decentralized Autonomous Organization system, which means that future developments will be decided via consensus between the developers and community members. This also means that all profits will be given to the community through the Token Bonus System.

In a decentralized system, the developers merely carry out the agreed-upon resolutions of the community. This system will be reflected in every aspect of the Karma Ksana community.

The core principles of the highest community protocols are as follows:

  • Community sovereignty lies with community token holders: Karma Ksana is an open community, which means that every token holder in the community possesses rights within said community. These include but are not limited to the right to vote on future developments, the right to make decisions on community-related issues, and the right to divide and receive community-generated profits.
  • Developers need to disclose essential information: ** Excluding private and confidential data, developers must disclose information regarding development progress, payment details, and the like. This information will be published on Karma Ksana's official website in order to ensure transparency in the community.
  • Development budgets need to receive the approval of community representatives: ** In order to prevent a monopoly by the developers and fully implement decentralization, the right to audit budgets is turned over to community representatives.
  • The community's electoral system will be reformed to reduce the loss of resources: Karma Ksana will implement a recall and referendum system in place of regular elections to reduce the loss of resources during an election period and avoid idle time during a transition period. This will allow community representatives to better concentrate on their work and make long-term plans as opposed to being restricted to making short-term plans due to term limits.

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