Community Inspector Regulations


Article 1: Community inspectors are to serve on a case-by-case basis. Any eligible community member can serve as a community inspector.

  • Article 1.1: Community representatives and development team members cannot serve as community inspectors.
  • Article 1.2: The qualifications to apply for the position of community inspector are as follows: The community member must have at least 500 $KMK tokens locked up for at least six months.

Rights and Obligations

Article 2: Community inspectors are obligated to inspect internal community information in a fair and impartial manner.

Article 3: Community inspectors may be rewarded for completing their assignments.

  • Article 3.1: The reward will be a fixed distribution of $KMK tokens. The reward amount will be calculated individually according to the assignment(s).

Article 4: Negligence of duties by community inspectors will be penalized.

  • Article 4.1: Penalties will vary according to individual assignment specifications.

Article 5: The following behavior is considered to be a negligence of duty by community inspectors:

  • Article 5.1: Disclosure of information pertaining to confidential assignments.
  • Article 5.2: Failure to pass test inspection assignments.
  • Article 5.3: Determined by community representatives to not having properly performed community inspection assignments.

Community Inspection Assignments

Article 6: Regulations concerning community inspection assignments are as follows:

  • Article 6.1: The scope of inspection assignments only includes the verification of information accuracy. Design-related logic and thinking is not included within the scope of inspection.
  • Article 6.2: $KMK token rewards and penalties must be clearly specified.
  • Article 6.3: The minimum and maximum number of people per assignment must be clearly specified.
  • Article 6.4: The time required to carry out an assignment must be clearly specified.

Article 7: The following community activities are included in community inspection assignments:

  • Article 7.1: All activities involving voting, such as community referendums, community representative elections, etc.
  • Article 7.2: All assignments that involve undisclosed probabilities, such as in-game probabilities, etc.
  • Article 7.3: Items proposed by community representatives that meet the requirements for inspection assignments and are determined to be included in an inspection assignment.

Article 8: The purpose of test inspection assignments is to supervise and urge community inspectors to verify information accuracy.

  • Article 8.1: Inspection assignments may include a small portion of test inspection assignments.
  • Article 8.2: The data involved in test inspection assignments include false data and data deliberately designed to be unreasonable.
  • Article 8.3: The inspectors, as the participants in these assignments, will not be informed of whether their assignment is a test inspection assignment.

Article 9: Individual inspectors or inspection units are obligated to present their concerns about community inspection assignments.

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