Community Member Regulations


Article 1: Community members are defined as individuals who have a registered Karma Ksana member account and have passed the standard verification process.

  • Article 1.1: Member accounts are defined as accounts under the service of
  • Article 1.2: Standard verification is defined as verification to join the Karma Ksana Discord community.
  • Article 1.3: Community members are required to hold an account for over three months in order to begin exercising the relevant rights conferred upon community members.
  • Article 1.4: If a community member remains logged out for over one year, then they will not be able to retain the same rights held by other community members.

Rights and Obligations

Article 2: Community members have the right to participate in the election of community representatives and community inspectors.

Article 3: Community members have the right to request the community to disclose general development plans, development progress, and details pertaining to income and expenditures.

  • Article 3.1: Privacy rights and confidential development information are not subject to this limitation.

Article 4: Community members have the right to participate in community voting.

  • Article 4.1: Participation in community referendums requires no additional qualifications.
  • Article 4.2: Quadratic voting shall consider staked community tokens as the basis for calculating points.

Article 5: Community members have the right to share community profits.

  • Article 5.1: Revenue is considered profit after deducting for development costs, community treasury reimbursements, project exit funds, and other necessary expenses.
  • Article 5.2: Profits are returned to the community through a bonus rewards system.
  • Article 5.3: Funds are deposited into a safe managed by the community.

Article 6: Community members may present ideas and opinions through official channels. They may also obtain rewards upon the approval and subsequent implementation of their ideas.

  • Article 6.1: The distribution of rewards is to be decided by community representatives.
  • Article 6.2: Official channels are channels that are built into the membership system. In order to avoid disputes, all other channels are considered unofficial.

Article 7: The development team has the right to restrict or revoke the membership of community members who engage in the following activities:

  • Article 7.1: Rumor mongering, defamation, sexual harassment, and other actions that may have a serious impact on other members in the community's public discussion space.
  • Article 7.2: The dissemination of scams and malicious links.
  • Article 7.3: The violation of regional laws and regulations.

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