$KMK, Karma Ksana's governance token, is not only the core of the community's operations but also members' primary income source!

All of Karma Ksana's assets belong to the $KMK token holders. Holding $KMK tokens has two main benefits:

  1. Earn the community's shared profit: The profits will be passed on to the holders through $KMK tokens, from the early staking system to the future bonus system.
  2. Determine the direction of the community: As long as you hold the $KMK tokens, you have the right to give significant trajectories in the community, such as the election of the community representatives, the development budget audit, and the development direction proposals.
  3. Upgrading NFT's functions/utilities: Part of Karma Ksana's NFT requires an upgrade. $KMK token is essential material.
  4. Discount for Karma Ksana products: Use the $KMK token to purchase the products and get a special discount.
  5. The fee used in Karma Ksana’s eco-system: Such as NFT rent, transaction fee, and so on.

  • By staking $KMK tokens, members can gain rewards or Token bonuses. After deducting the necessary expenses, all profits will be directed towards these areas.
  • Members can cast votes to elect community representatives (DAO). They can also propose future development projects and audit the budgets of the developers.
  • The main responsibility of the developers is to develop and sustain both the community and the projects.
  • All profits generated by Karma Ksana products and NFTs will be owned by the community.
  • Players can earn NFTs by playing the game and selling their assets in a secondary market.
  • Game Economy will allocate a portion of the profits towards the game's extended withdraw system for sustainability purposes.

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