Team Ethos and Vision

Do Things Right Together on Chain.

A lighthouse to convert the darkness into the fairness in the blockchain market.

The course of establishing a substantial blockchain community is long and arduous. It calls for those involved to eliminate their subjective impressions of blockchain and for groups to have the potential to become a model for future blockchain projects. It requires humility and critical introspection. By exercising these traits, we not only keep our values close, but also set the tone for the spirit of the Karma Ksana community.

📌 Developers need to shoulder risks in order to stand with users

Blockchain startups reverse the conventional process that traditional startups undergo by beginning with fundraising and product development. Only then are the risks passed on to the community. Simply put, traditional startups can only receive investments after finishing a product prototype.

This means that the startup founders end up shouldering massive financial risks. Blockchain initiatives differ in that business developers can see capital pour in by simply proposing a concept. In this situation, the development team does not need to take any financial risks in order to get high returns. This, however, can cause them to become arrogant and complacent.

The Karma Ksana team separates itself from such developers who spend little effort to rake in large volumes of tokens. We believe that developers should accept the same risks as investors. This, in turn, allows us to better understand the state of our community.

Every core member of the Karma Ksana development team is an early investor and therefore takes on the same risks as our community members. Community developments will thus directly affect every member of the team. We believe that this is the only way for the entire team to fully dedicate themselves to their work.

📌 Staking needs to be rooted in a long-term plan, not involution

Staking is currently the most prominent system in the DeFi sector. On the surface, blockchain companies seem to deliver high returns to community members. But in reality, the company can only reduce the fluidity of the outside market to boost token prices. This system is called 'involution.'

The largest issue, however, is sustainability. A decrease in staking profits will trigger a large-scale unstaking wave, which then impacts the token prices. The lowering token price then further reduces staking profits, thus creating a vicious cycle. In other words, a staking system can become a ticking time bomb if sustainability is not factored in.

The Karma Ksana team is thoroughly familiar with this systematic issue. Aside from staking rewards, we also offer a 'Token Bonus System' as a countermeasure. The Token Bonus System will be implemented after all staking rewards have been distributed. Two factors—'a locked-time of staking’ and ‘a staking accumulation period’—will be considered to evaluate token weight. Afterwards, all profits earned by the community will return to the community itself.

With this type of sustainable system, the community economy can effectively mitigate the risk of panic-selling when staking rewards are cut. This also allows the most dedicated supporters of the community to receive the highest returns.

📌 We will strictly enforce community self-governance protocols and implement decentralization

Blockchain developments all stem from the wonderful concept of decentralization. This can be seen in a community's self-governance protocols. However, if a community lacks substantial rights, then it may find itself shouldering responsibilities that should carried by developers or even losing their rights of supervision.

There have been countless cases of this, such as when renowned project teams decide to postpone the sale of land NFT to benefit whales, or when false claims of falling victim to hackers are made in order to suspend public sales and protect one's own property. These underhanded tactics profane the concept of decentralization. Aside from this, designing a management system calls for project teams to acknowledge other issues such as inefficient communication, the inability to realize long-term plans due to the election and replacement of community representatives, the effects of wrong decision-making on the development team's progress, and more.

The Karma Ksana team will enact community governance protocols to strictly regulate both the developers and the community. These rights and obligations include but are not limited to the following: having developers establish an open information center to publicly disclose all community-related information; empowering community representatives to audit budgets and supervise the development team; and implementing recall and referendum-restructuring systems to reduce the loss of resources on elections, communication, and handovers.

This will allow community representatives to better focus on fostering a community spirit instead of managing elections. They can also draft long-term plans without worrying about term limits.

📌 We reject speculations and Ponzi schemes and instead value blockchain utility and commercial value

The value of goods depends on only two elements—group identity and utility. If a product depends solely on the early advantage of speculators, which then gives rise to a speculative atmosphere, a bubble invariably forms. Its extremely fragile nature means that even the slightest disturbance will lead to an instant deficit.

The time and effort expended by creators are what makes artwork meaningful. To reproduce large volumes of content at random is undoubtedly a disgrace to both the arts and blockchains. A market atmosphere that lives off of hype and Ponzi schemes is one that merely snatches up groups of victims and will eventually end in total failure.

Karma Ksana promises to not make any purely speculative products. Any token, NFT, or other products from us will be practical. We will instead strive to create products with value that are applicable to real-world business settings.

📌 We will design different types of extended offline and sustainable systems in line with market observations

A peculiar market phenomenon is that the majority of participants only think about the future while ignoring the long-term sustainability of existing products. Take the gaming industry for example. Most are under the impression that a blockchain game can enjoy a long existence by default; but in reality, hardly any games can maintain their popularity for more than three years. This applies to blockchain games as well. Intentionally or otherwise, the players that join in the final stages of a game get the short end of the stick.

This is not a problem inherent to blockchain games. Every project has a limited life span; the craze will always gradually die down, and the project will eventually be supplanted by the next new concept. To expect this popularity to stay alive is but a brief quirk in the market.

The Karma Ksana team will not avoid this issue—we know that the real market will not always be ideal. The only way to extend the life of a project is to plan even further in advance. As such, every project we develop will have an extended offline mechanism. For example, our game will hold a portion of retained earnings to ensure that NFT prices are recovered, so that players will not suffer severe losses when the popularity of the game wears off.

Apart from this, our original blueprint was to create a Game Metaverse where assets could be transferred via mechanisms between different games in order to ensure their going value. This will hold true for all future Karma Ksana products and developments.

Karma Ksana will begin with the Game Metaverse, but we will not stop there. Our goal is to establish a long-term community, gradually implement decentralization, and develop projects in line with popular blockchain developments in order to earn reasonable profits for the community.

The Karma Ksana team sincerely invites investors, players, and blockchain enthusiasts to join our community, to execute the essence of decentralization, and to build a lasting, stable community together!

Karma Ksana Team

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