Team Members

The Karma Ksana development team consists of top experts from a wide variety of domains and disciplines. Of the twenty-four core members, five have their own companies. By harnessing each member’s connections and company resources, the energy of the Karma Ksana development team in reality extends far beyond that of the fifteen core members.

📌 Icarus Lai-Co-Founder and CEO

  • Founder of the vintage wine appraisal platform 100-Wine Commercial Firm. Has a net worth of several hundred million NTD.
  • Established a business with $200,000NTD and accumulated several million NTD in assets within three years.
  • Featured on multiple TV programs, including EBC, USTV, and more, as a wine connoisseur.
  • Possesses IRR 300% in cryptocurrency investment with an initial capital of $10 million NTD.
  • MatrixDAO member#64.

Icarus Lai is the founder and CEO of Karma Ksana. As a keen observer of the blockchain market, he is highly skilled in seeking the most optimal means to develop a community.

Icarus entered the world of e-commerce at the age of 17 and made enough profit to cover all of his college living expenses in only three months. After completing compulsory military service, Icarus established 100-Wine Commercial Firm, a platform for purchasing and selling rare and exclusive wines from around the world. He continues to run the platform to this day.

Icarus regularly participates in auctions and serves as a consultant for auction companies. To the side, Icarus has dabbled in many other fields such as artwork, paintings, antiques, and more.

Icarus’ insight and distinct taste are the results of his past experiences. He has a keen eye for detail not only towards investments, but also market trends. Whenever a favorable opportunity arises in the market, Icarus does not hesitate to seize the chance and move ahead. Icarus is directly tackling emerging blockchain technology for this very reason.

He views this period of chaotic speculation as the best time to promote the principle "to implement blockchain technology the right way!" Icarus and Tony founded the Karma Ksana community to convey this core idea. Together, they aim to seek out the best means to obtain profit for the community.

📌 Tony Lai-Co-founder and COO

  • Founder of Procrustes Marketing Consultant Company, which assists clients with gaining widespread exposure via content marketing. The company has helped clients save hundreds of millions of dollars in advertisement expenses.
  • Six-time entrepreneur over the past seven years. Extremely familiar with common start-up problems. Currently manages over 100 staff members.
  • Senior marketing consultant of 100-Wine Commercial Firm. Greatly boosted website traffic 500-fold.
  • Senior marketing consultant of Han-Lin Cultural and Educational Institution. Greatly boosted website traffic 350-fold

Tony Lai is the other co-founder of Karma Ksana and the head of the operations team. He manages several other key responsibilities such as forming the development team, community operation and promotion, as well as budget preparation and implementation.

Tony’s personal motto, “I challenge myself, therefore I am,” is a clear testament of his personality. Tony began his entrepreneurial journey when he was in college. When encountering hardships and failure, instead of backing down, Tony has always strived to learn from all of his experiences. As such, he has since cultivated a professional understanding of marketing. His next major undertaking will be leading the Karma Ksana community and navigating any obstacles it may encounter in the initial phases of development.

Tony is particularly adept at marketing, website design, and blockchain investments. This is complemented by his unwavering ethics, a sense of justice, and the conviction to both “implement blockchain technology the right way" and materialize the essence of decentralization!

The entire Karma Ksana team will practice these core values as it goes on to spark revolutions and become a paragon for future blockchain communities.

📌 Harris Lin-Senior Marketing Consultant

  • Webmaster of [](, the top marketing website in Taiwan.
  • Well-renown marketing consultant in Taiwan. Has a decade of industry experience and assisted over 800 projects.
  • Author of the 2019 Bestseller 《剖析 Google Analytics:從報表理解到實作》.
  • Guest Lecturer, Civil Service Development Institute of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), and National Taipei University (NTPU).
  • Collaborating Lecturer, Taiwan External Trade Development Council.
  • Data Analyst, ASUS

Harris Lin is the leader of Karma Ksana’s marketing team. He is also in charge of content marketing, collaborations, communication, and coordination with parties such as institution investments, KOL, and more.

Harris is an undisputed expert in marketing and business negotiations. He has advised over 800 companies and has even created the famous website "". With skills and talent in content marketing, Harris will help formulate long term, high efficiency, and low cost measures for the Karma Ksana community. In addition, Harris will significantly boost community exposure and influence. He will also work to change the belief that general blockchain communities only focus on users.

Harris’ creed is that "content marketing will expand community structures." Media companies have long monopolized the vast majority of blockchain-related content. Even existing communities have yet to formulate efficient content marketing strategies. As such, the Karma Ksana community will blaze a new trail, and with Harris' professional skills and experiences, create truly effective marketing policies.

📌 Alison Lin-Blockchain Technical Leader

  • Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).
  • Blockchain Technical Leader and Principal Engineer, DeepQ Technology Corporation.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consultant, TAISYS Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Guest Lecturer of MasterTalks for online courses on Cryptocurrency.
  • Guest Lecturer of College of Blockchain Asia (CBA) for in-person classes.
  • Guest Lecturer of MediaTek Inc. on Investment & Financial Management.
  • Guest Speaker, Women in Blockchain Taiwan.
  • Guest Speaker, Taipei Ethereum Meetup.
  • Guest Speaker, PeopleSearch Taiwan.

Alison holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University. She leads the blockchain team at Karma Ksana and is responsible for smart contracts development related to blockchain applications. Alison was formerly the blockchain technical leader of some startups, including DeepQ and WHALE. She went to the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University in the United States to participate in blockchain project and research paper writing. She was also invited to be a speaker and a lecturer at the Taipei Ethereum Meetup, Women in Blockchain Taiwan, PeopleSearch Taiwan, the College of Blockchain Asia, MasterTalks and the Institute for Information Industry.

In addition, Alison is committed to promoting cryptocurrency investment and trading automation. She has cooperated with MasterTalks, an online course platform, to offer investment introductory and automated trading courses, and was invited to share cryptocurrency investments at MediaTek headquarters. She is also a consultant of cryptocurrency and blockchain application development for multiple companies.

Alison uses her professional experience to import blockchain-related technologies for Karma Ksana, such as Ethereum ERC20(FT) / ERC721(NFT) / ERC1155(NFT) standards, token contracts development (staking/locking/distribution), blindbox mechanism design (single-blind/double-blind), random number generation (Chainlink VRF), cross-chain mechanism (Polygon, LayerZero, ImmutableX), project evaluation (RTFKT-CloneX, Metroverse, Gh0stly Gh0sts), liquidity mining and decentralized autonomous organization.

📌 Alex Tseng-Game Development Leader

  • Developed more than 20 App Games, AR Games, and Board Games. Including Monster Rangers, Whiteout: Survive VR, Girl Faction, Whiteout: Survive VR...etc.
  • CEO, Best Wise Publishing Co., Comic-Go Co.
  • Game Planner, International Games System Co., Ltd. Double2 Co., LTD. Newmoon Co.

Alex Tseng is the team leader in game development. He is also the architect and designer of the Karma Ksana gameverse. Some of his responsibilities in the development team include integrating and coordinating resources for game development and managing game design, visual art, animations, and more. Affable to everyone he meets, Alex enjoys providing forward-thinking ideas and suggestions. His unique experience and mindset will make him a valuable asset to both the growth of the Karma Ksana team and creating a wide network of connections for the community.

Alex is quite well-known in the game industry, as he has managed many projects and developed a number of AR and VR games. His comprehensive familiarity with different game communities and his abundant connections are sure to give Karma Ksana a competitive edge and enable it to become a model in the blockchain gaming industry.

📌 0xdogmaiSenior Blockchain Engineer

  • Holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).
  • Former CTO of a software company.
  • Senior engineer, has published numerous papers about artificial intelligence and holds many patents.
  • Author of the college textbooks and computer-related books.

Oxdogmai is responsible for development of blockchain application. As a senior blockchain developer, Oxdogmai has been working on blockchain research and development for many years.

📌 Yu Ben-Yang (Boss)-Network Engineering Consultant

  • Founder of Hexcraft.
  • Product Operation Consultant at New Media Department of Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation.
  • Technical Consultant at Inventec Corporation.
  • Tech Leader/ Technical Consultant at awoo Intelligence.

Boss is an experienced back-end engineer with strong security awareness. He is an operational technical consultant in several renowned companies and organizations. Coordinating engineering resources and integrating technology into operations are his greatest strength. In addition, he has a rigorous and solid attitude and considerable attention to detail.

He is able to see problems from different perspectives and perceive potential blind spots. Since he joined our team, we have addressed many issues. For example, expanding on the concept of community from Discord and strengthening the idea of team decentralization, giving the team a more comprehensive mode of operation.

📌 Huang Yu-Xiang (Sparkle)Game Story Planner

  • Senior Product Evaluation Specialist at International Games System.

Sparkle used to be a senior product evaluation specialist in a well-known gambling gaming company. With diverse abilities, he can always deal with evaluation, leadership, presentation, coding, and direction establishment with ease. He is eager to learn and enthusiastic about everything. These features are his advantages in this fast, flexible, and changeable start-up working environment. Sparkle is also cautious, which will ensure the efficiency and usability of various processes and the development of tools, and his easy-going characteristic is even more beneficial to communication.

After joining Karma Ksana, Sparkle drew up the story structure and worldview within a short period. He efficiently created a complete worldview with clear logic and meticulous details. We believe that it will bring players a refreshing gaming experience. In addition, Sparkle will also assist in the game evaluation. With his professional expertise, we can develop Karma Genesis more smoothly.

📌 Jackey Wen-Senior Game Planner

  • Planning Director, Digicell Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • 3D game art, DRAGON LINK.
  • Founded a game company, developed The Broken Land, and collaborated on operations and sales with the renowned Electronic Arts (EA), Inc.
  • Prominent game producer, manages the Casino Game project in Southeast Asia. Has developed large-scale projects such as gambling games, casual games, music games, action games, cosplay games, and more.

Jackey Wen is Karma Ksana’s senior planner in charge of game specification designs and game development coordination. Jackey has over 28 years of game development experience with areas ranging from early DOS games to current mobile games. This has helped him become an expert in game artwork and game plan designs.

Jackey’s extensive experience allows him to quickly draft up game images as early as during the planning process and to create a game that is both fun and aesthetic. As a team member, Jackey will construct the main structure of Karma Ksana’s game and background settings. He will also be in charge of planning the game’s overall development progress. The end result will be the birth of a gameverse that will allow all community members to fully immerse themselves in the world of Karma Ksana.

📌 Arlen-Senior Game Designer

  • Advanced Game Level Planner for the strategy and overseas versions of Heroes Evolved, NetDragon Websoft Inc.
  • Planning Director for mobile games under International Games System Co., Ltd., such as ManganDahen Casino - Free Slot, the mobile game Monster March, and 義三國.
  • Game Producer for the mobile game MJ LUCKY GO! under BungBungame Inc., which participated in the 2014 Taipei Game Show and ranked among the top 100 apps of the year.

Arlen is the senior game designer and is mainly in charge of game leveling to maintain stable and fair gameplay. He has participated in many well-known games and attained a high number of achievements in the gaming industry.

Arlen is also a senior blockchain investor and possesses many famous NFTs. His knowledge in blockchain operations will allow him to create balance in-game. By deftly applying his past experiences, Arlen will design a number of stable, long-term, and reasonable value models for Karma Ksana. Arlen will also directly participate in designing a variety of balanced game economy models for the community.

📌 ASASIN-Senior Art Director

  • Art design, League of Legends (LoL) , Dot Arena, The Elder Scrolls series, Final Fantasy series, Contra, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, WarHummer40K series, Darksider series

ASASIN is the team’s art director and is in charge of Karma Ksana’s overall art direction and style supervision. He boasts over 25 years of game development experience as a concept artist and is skilled in a wide variety of art styles. He has previously led large-scale original art teams from Taiwan to countries all over the world to participate in the art design of many famous games such as League of Legends, Dot Arena, Contra, the Final Fantasy series, the WarHummer40K series, the Darksider series, and The Elder Scrolls series.

Aside from game development, ASASIN also has experience with costume and set design for both movies and short films. With his diverse skillset, ASASIN will design an art style for the development team that is unique to Karma Ksana.

📌 Shinchuen Chen - Senior Art Director

  • "Best Children's Comic" and "Best Online Voting" winner of Manga Awards in 2004.
  • Developed gambling games at the International Games System.
  • Developed SR 劍雨江湖, DS 九鼎傳說, TKS at Gamania Digital Entertainment.
  • Produced two apps at the team "紅門," CORE project development at Gamania Digital Entertainment.
  • Developed projects, including The Last of Us Part II, Gravity Rush 2, Magic: The Gathering, at XPEC Entertainment and XAC.
  • independent contractor making art for domestic and foreign video game studios. ・Produced chess and card games at Knowhow Technology.

Shinchuen has more than 30 years of experience in the field of fine arts. At 17, he published his first comic,《勇者召集令》, and was then the youngest professional cartoonist in Taiwan. During his military service, he drew military discipline comics and published a comic version of the popular online game "Stone Age" at 24. In 2004, he won two comic awards for Best Children's Comics and Best Online Voting. Subsequently, he established a children's art studio. In addition, he began working as an independent contractor making art for video game studios, allowing him to enter the game industry.

After that, Shinchuen developed online games, including SR 劍雨江湖, DS 九鼎傳說, and TKS, with Gamania Digital Entertainment and produced two apps in the team "紅門." In addition, he also developed gambling games with International Games System and Knowhow Technology. He assisted the artwork of domestic and foreign game manufacturers in XPEC Entertainment and On Point Creative. His production projects include The Last of Us Part II, Gravity Rush 2, and Magic: The Gathering, and he has been working on blockchain game projects in recent years.

Through his experience, Shinchuen has a higher appreciation for game art and insight into the field. He is also very friendly and can always communicate with his partners smoothly to complete the projects. We believe he will lead Karma Ksana to draw unique and dazzling illustrations in our blockchain games!

📌 Tang Zhi-Ling (Necow)-Senior Concept Artist

  • Lecturer at Green Touch Design Center.

Necow laid a solid foundation in fine arts in college. She graduated with a degree in Advertising Design, did her internship in a nail salon, and worked as an art teaching assistant. She was a lecturer for character drawing in an art cram school before joining Karma Ksana. From the most basic modeling to human body structure, texture drawing, and character dynamics, she can explain and demonstrate them in detail. She has developed excellent skills in communicating and interacting with clients from her rich experience. In addition, as a freelancer, she clearly understands the clients' needs and market orientation through different illustration commissions.

After joining Karma Ksana, Necow has designed and drawn many stunning NFTs and corporate logos for our team. With her outstanding composition and impasto skills, she can always present exquisite illustrations. We look forward to the dazzling art of Karma Genesis under her delicate brushwork.

📌 Peari Chien-Assistant Game Developer

Peari Chien is a member of Karma Ksana’s game group and is in charge of external communication relating to game development. She is also responsible for collecting game information from every main blockchain in order to conduct market assessments. Peri is highly skilled in communication and interpersonal interactions as a result of her well-rounded experience in various occupations. Her meticulous attention to detail not only puts clients at ease, but also allows them to feel her sincerity through her work.

Peari’s extensive portfolio includes the overall management of software and website development, client contact, requirements analysis, RD communication and schedule tracking, company commodity planning and event designing management, and more. Peri also utilizes her abundant experience in combination with her background in art to facilitate smooth communication with artists. To assist with Karma Ksana’s needs and coordination efforts, Peari will seek out only the best development teams to handle and operate community projects.

📌 Luka Tsai-Senior Project Manager

Luka Tsai serves as the team’s project manager and is responsible for coordinating resources. He also ensures that all development-related details are recorded and up-to-date. Luka is experienced in management, having overseen the development of many large-scale projects. This has given him the added benefit of forming a high number of connections.

Luka also has experience with blockchain-related projects, which enables him to quickly grasp and manage the overall situation of Karma Ksana’s development team in addition to more complex forms of resource distribution. Luka will be in charge of keeping all of Karma Ksana’s team groups up-to-date and publicizing developmental progress to the community. We are certain that with Luka’s expertise, Karma Ksana’s development will progress at the most efficient pace.

📌 Chen Kuan-Yu (Kuan) Web UI/UX Designer

  • Leading designer at Alpha Intelligence.
  • Leader of the Card Design Team at Taiwan Rakuten.
  • Senior UI designer at Realtek Semiconductor.

Kuan used to be a design leader in a notable tech company and an e-commerce company and has vast experience in web designing. In addition to aesthetics and practicality, he also considers how users think while designing. Therefore, all the works he is responsible for are both user-friendly and pleasing.

Kuan combined our team's concept and visual impression with a smooth user experience to create a web UI that suits Karma Kasana. He also worked on the visual design of our blueprint and membership card. The strong sense of technology in Kuan's works clearly expresses the features of blockchain projects.

📌 John Li -Senior Back-end Engineer

  • Senior Back-end Engineer at Origami Labs.
  • Leader of the back-end engineer team at awoo Intelligence.

John has worked as a back-end engineer for more than five years. His leadership experience makes him proficient in designing, implementing, refactoring, and improving the software of the new product.

John used to design OFLO, a cloud-based walkie-talkie system, and Cupid, an AI tagging system. He also developed a new microservice system to make those two systems more stable, flexible, and highly available. John is in charge of back-end programming and maintenance in our team, helping Karma Ksana launch stable and highly efficient network applications.

📌 Caesar Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Co-founder of a notable annual programming language conference in Taiwan.
  • Co-founder of a famous e-commerce site and marketing tool platform.
  • Chief Technology Officer of a well-known AI gamified chat platform.
  • Technical Director in several technology enterprises.
  • Technical Leader of web development in several companies.

Caesar has lots of experience in web development. He is passionate about open source and often focuses on websites and react-native. Caesar is not only the lead of several technology enterprises but also the co-founder of a famous e-commerce site and marketing tool platform, as well as a notable annual programming language conference in Taiwan. He conveys his passion and ambition for web development through his multiple website programming tutorials and personal blogs about open source.

In addition, Caesar is a self-motivated fast learner and he keeps an open mind, especially when serving as a team leader. He hopes to be a role model for all remote software developers.

📌 Simon -Senior DevOps

  • DevOps in a famous multinational company.
  • Associate Director in a technology company in Taiwan.
  • Founder of a well-known sharing cloud platform in Taiwan.
  • RD in several notable enterprises.

Simon has worked on system development at Google for many years. In addition to providing managing tools, his role includes a series of modelized cloud services, including cloud computing, data storage, data analysis, and machine learning.

In addition to being a cloud platform expert, Simon is the co-founder of a well-known sharing cloud platform and has published books related to program development. Simon is cautious and thoughtful. He always checks the website system and makes sure it runs well.

📌 Sunny -Senior DevOps

  • Senior DevOps at a multinational corporation.
  • Senior technology supervisor at several notable technology companies.
  • Project manager at a tech start-up.

Sunny has been a senior DevOps engineer in multiple well-known technology enterprises for almost 20 years. With his abundant experience and carefulness, services under his oversight run stably and can be updated quickly. DevOps is a crucial role but is often neglected by developers or users. The DevOps team keeps a low profile, but checks every service of Karma Ksana, ensuring that all services meet a high standard of service.

📌 Kim Liu Visual Designer

  • 2020 Disney Channel advertising PV.
  • Disney Mother’s Day special Series “Theater” MV.
  • 2018 “Hip Hop Night at NPM” cooperative animation.
  • The General Association of Chinese Culture(GACC) LINE animated sticker project.
  • Visual Designer at Yahoo!.
  • Visual Designer at Hahow.
  • Character Visual Designer at Dcard. Manages personal illustration brand and designs cultural and creative products.
  • Bachelor in the Animation Department at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA).

Kim used to be the visual designer in numerous domestic and international notable enterprises. She was responsible for many significant projects, including gaming development design, visual website design, and motion design. With a bachelor's degree in animation, Kim is excellent at graphic design, motion design, and character design. She has also taken part in several cooperative projects with well-known companies and organizations, such as Walt Disney, the National Palace Museum (NPM), and the General Association of Chinese Culture(GACC).

Kim is very curious and willing to explore unfamiliar fields. After getting to know blockchain, she has faith and confidence in the digital market. Kim also closely follows the development of the art field, devotes herself to it, and continually creates multimedia art. Kim will combine the profession of design and art skills to assist the operation of the community, making Karma Ksana grow.

📌 Ariane Chiu -Translator

  • Interpreter at Study World exhibition.
  • Interpreter at European Education Fair.
  • Essay Reviewer at a cram school for senior high school students.
  • English Teacher in a notable English language institute in Taiwan.
  • International volunteer in Belgium and Germany.
  • Earned a full scholarship from the Polish government to study Polish in Wroclaw.
  • Obtained DELF B1.
  • Obtained Goethe-Zertifikat B2.
  • Awarded Excellent Teacher from New Taipei City Education Quality Assurance Association.
  • Earned an Outstanding Coach Award for a national English competence competition in both 2020 and 2021.

Ariane has a gift for languages. She speaks not only Chinese and English, but also French, German, some Polish and Japanese. She began studying German in senior high school, French in college, and has passed the language proficiency tests of German at B2 level and French at B1 level. She earned a full scholarship to go to Poland to learn Polish and also participated in international volunteer programs in Belgium and Germany. In addition, she has experience working as an interpreter in both the European Education Fair and Study World exhibition.

Ariane is interested in languages and cultures, and she applies her enthusiasm to education. She is an experienced English teacher in a notable English language institute in Taiwan. During that time, she earned the Excellent Teacher Award from New Taipei City Education Quality Assurance Association and the Outstanding Coach Award for a national English competence competition in both 2020 and 2021. One of the students she coached won the national championship. Recently, she stepped into the blockchain field. She is now working as a translator in Karma Ksana and will use her skills to introduce our ideas to an international audience.

📌 Willie Hsiao-Operations Team Member

Willie Hsiao is a member of the operations team and is responsible for community operation and event planning. With a sincere personality and detail-oriented mindset, he often comes up with novel ideas and creations. Willie majored in psychology and focused on the application of social psychology to digital marketing in graduate school. As such, he is greatly knowledgeable about areas relating to behavioral and social psychology. This, in combination with his strong grasp on operating commonly-used marketing tools, allows Willie to provide insight about user experience in digital marketing.

Integrated digital marketing is Willie’s specialty. He has helped many small companies with building official websites and greatly improving their commercial performance. As a member of the Karma Ksana operations team, Willie will strive to ensure that the team and community will not only expand but evolve as time goes on. Willie will additionally apply his marketing experience towards conducting marketing events for both the community and Karma Ksana as a brand. This will be conducive to growing users, online traffic, and more.

📌 Bin.R(Larry)-Operation Team Member

Larry is a member of the operations team and is in charge of planning and executing community events. Larry has years of experience in researching brand marketing, making him extremely adept at digital marketing and content marketing editing, as well as data analysis. He has previously assisted many clients with running their communities and participated in the quality management and promotion of quite a number of engineering initiatives.

With an enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency, Larry looks forward to contributing his skills towards operating and planning events for the Karma Ksana community so that it may thrive and spark progress to the world of blockchain.

📌 Lune Wu-Operation Team Member

Lune Wu is a member of the operations team. Aside from executing core community events, she is also in charge of translation. Following her graduation from the Department of Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Lune has eagerly pursued novel fields and different types of careers instead of settling on a stable life as a schoolteacher.

Lune’s mastery of writing is extraordinarily impressive. She has collaborated with well-known Asian idol group NQMM as a lyricist and copywriter. With experience in product development and an ardor for art-related areas, combined with her professionalism and perseverance, Lune is determined to devote herself to the community and implement sweeping improvements for the Karma Ksana team.

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